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March 25, 2021, 6:00 AM
1.Keyboard Shortcut.
2.Why Does Pastory Need Accessibility?
3.How to Turn On or Turn Off Accessibility?

Keyboard Shortcut

Show Pastory⌥Option + SpaceYES
Quick Paste⌘Command + 1...9.0YES
Switch Clipboard⌥Option + TabYES
Paste as Plain Text⇧Shift + EnterYES
Copy⌘Command + CNO
Cut⌘Command + XNO
Delete⌃Control + DeleteNO
Move to First⌃Control + FNO
Save to File⌘Command + SNO
Add New Clipboard⌘Command + ANO
Select First Item⌘Command + UpArrowNO
Select Last Item⌘Command + DownArrowNO

Why Does Pastory Need Accessibility?

Accessibility is an Apple setting that allows applications to using some system features.

It allows Pastory to paste content directly to current app.

How to Turn On or Turn Off Accessibility?

If you are using Pastory, you may see this below.

Click Turn On Accessibility to allow Pastory Paste directly to current app.

Steps to turn on accessibility:

  1. Click Turn On Accessibility.
  2. Click the lock icon to unlock your system preferences(It will ask to enter your computer username and password).
  3. check the box beside the Pastory icon to enable accessibility or unlock to disable accessibility.
  4. Click the lock icon again to lock system preferences.

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